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Christmas is coming!!!!!

And the day count is down into double digits so I thought I’d best get at least one of my ideas out of my head and ready to go onto my stall………………..

Key rings for santa's magic key available with keys £3.00 + P&P or without keys £2.00 +P&P

Key rings for santa’s magic key available with keys £3.00 + P&P or without keys £2.00 +P&P


I’ve made them in traditional red and green for now but I can make them in any colour. Rudolph will however still have a red nose unless you specifically ask for one to match the tag. I take no responsibility for the ensuing argument if you take this option *grin*


Another week Over!

I’ve just about managed to restock from last week apart from the cards. Am just not in the mood for making cards this week am too busy playing with my new sewy toy and wondering why I put off buying a new one for so long.

Anything I don’t have will have to be taken on order – that reminds me I never made up the Minion or Tardis keyrings – ho hum can’t be helped and I’m surely not doing it now.

Am at the North Lincolnshire Museum tomorrow from 10:30 – 3:30 so why not pop in and have a wander round, I’m sure there’ll be lots of lovely goodies for sale.


Someone switched the lights off!

It’s got to that time of the year when it starts getting dark early and a tad nippy first thing – time for some socks methinks!

I was going to say that all pencil cases / make up bags / or whatever you want to use them fors are back in stock but I’ve just sold another small bears one so I would be telling fibs – Guess what I’ll be making in the morning.

I also need to make some more foldy shopping bags as the basket holding them looked very sad and empty at the end of Sunday’s fair. It’s really odd how different things sell in different places – hey ho so long as they sell I must be doing something right.





P1010442I’ve just updated the eBay listings for purses and pencil cases with a new larger print bear design now available. I do have extra fabric in each of these prints so if you would like to order please send me a message or you can buy through Facebook and I will gladly invoice through paypal